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Wrong Ideas About Love

Post date: 2008-12-04

They say that men love only beautiful women. This is absolutely wrong. Many psychological researches indicate that men pay more attention to moral virtues than to physical appearance.

To the question “How do you choose a wife” many men answered that they look for kind, gentle and loving woman. Of course, when we meet somebody, the first thing we see is the appearance. It is about how do you accept yourself. You can love yourself for some valuable qualities you have not for a nose, beautiful eyes or hair. If you respect yourself, your appearance is not that important anymore. Besides, we have to know how to wait and to be patient. In order to meet the right one for you it is necessary to communicate with different people. If a man has a beautiful soul, that will reflect on your face. We can often see top beautiful models but there is no warmth on them. We have to consider also that the men are also different. Many of them know that spiritual beauty is more valuable than surface beauty. Of course, there are some men who think that the surface beauty is everything. We usually call them shallow and airhead.

There are many women who are not very beautiful but with very rich and shocking intellectual interests. Besides, what does beauty mean? If we talk about the natural beauty, please, note that it cannot be florid and challenging. On the other hand, if we talk about the false beauty – like a lot of make up, a lot of plastic surgeries, provocative clothes etc. – these women just try to attract attention which is almost disgusting since they say out loud that they are nonentities. It is humiliating, actually. These types of women will never know what happens to them and even if they know, they will not know why it happens. So what are we talking about? If you like these type of women, be my guest and good luck! You are going to need it. But bear in mind that we all grow old and sooner or later the beauty will be gone but what remains the same is our love.

On the other hand, we also have to look around. You will be very surprise to know that there are many beautiful women who continue searching the right one for them as well as many not that beautiful women with very successful marriages. It is not necessary for a woman to be pretty. A woman can be also very interesting, original and attractive even when she has not that good looks. I believe that is very boring for a man to communicate with very pretty women if they do not have their own opinion or they own mystery. Many women with no pleasant appearance strike the imagination of men with their aura only. The real women as well as the real men we can know in spite of their cover. But not everybody can be real. This is an art.
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