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Post date: 2008-12-04

Everyone has heard the phrase "True beauty is on the inside," yes? Ok, well although this is true, there needs to be some sort of physical attraction so someone will make contact with you. I'm not saying stop eating and get some crazy surgery, but try to look presentable.

I agree that it's pretty shallow to judge someone based on their appearance, but everybody does it. Walking down the street late at night and you see that homeless person walking towards you, what are you thinking? Now take the same situation and replace the homeless guy with, say, a fireman. Same thoughts? Not a chance.

Since everyone judges people initially based on their looks, how do you make yourself presentable? Well here's a few pointers:

Hygiene: Well this isn't really dressing, but it's just as important. Shower, brush your teeth, Q-Tip your ears, put on deodorant, spray on some cologne/perfume (But not too much!!), if you know you sweat easily, don't be embarassed, just be prepared. Bring extra deodorant, anti-pirspirant is better, wear something light that you're less likely to sweat in. If you have bad breath, use mouth wash, chew gum, bring mints, etc. Hygiene is number one on here for a reason. If you smell bad, people might not want to be near you, let alone flirt with or date you. Be aware.

Dress appropriately: If it's mid December, don't put on the tiny mini-skirt or that "tough" muscle shirt. You'll look ridiculous and be more focused on being cold than your date. Dress comfortably. That doesn't mean wear your scrubbed out jogging suit, but you just want to be casual. There are ways to dress for the occassion and still be attractive.

Baggy Clothes: I mean thos jeans where the rear pockets are at the back of your knees and you can see your underwear. Also shirts/jerseys that look more like a dress. Seriously, just don't.

Be Aware of How You Look: If you're overweight, so what? Hit the gym, eat properly, it can be changed, in the meantime, be aware of yourself. Maybe super skin tight clothes are not going to look so great on you at this point in time. Wear something that fits you a bit better. I've heard guys say that tight LuLu Lemon pants make any ass look good... They don't.

Know Your Strengths: You're trying to attract the opposite sex! You have to show some goods. Don't be slutty but if you have nice boobs, where something that shows 'em a bit. A nice butt, again, wear something that makes it look great. Guys, if you have nice arms or a big chest, wear a tighter shirt. Play to your advantages!

Hair: Do your hair! Simple as that. If you go looking like a slob, you aren't going to get much attention. Guys, it doesn't take too much effort to do your hair. Girls, a bit more, but it'll be worth it.

Sunglasses Indoors: This isn't a big deal, but it's my pet peeve. When you're inside or it isn't sunny out, TAKE THE SHADES OFF! You don't look any tougher or cooler. What's the point?

Well I hope these help at least a bit. Some of them sound a bit harsh, but it's just human nature to seek the best looking mate we can get. Looks can be pretty important, no matter how shallow you think it is.
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