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Are You Making These Body Language Mistakes With Women?

Post date: 2008-12-04

Most experts agree that around 90-93% of all conversation between two human beings happen non-verbally. This means that only 10% of any conversation is verbal! The remainder 90% of the conversation comes directly from your body language.

Like it or not, you are ALWAYS talking to people through your body language. Even when you're saying nothing - sometimes you could be telling a story. For example, when you see someone at a coffee shop typing away on a laptop you usually assume they are busy working on a project or something and that hey don't want to be bothered. Perhaps your at a park and you see someone sweaty with some baggy clothes on - you know almost immediately that they are probably working out.

Body language is twice as important when picking up and attracting women. Women LOVE confidence, this is probably the biggest factor when attracting women. However, most guys naturally give off body language that is the exact opposite of confidence. Instead, they give off the body language of a person who is extremely shy, anxious, nervous, or even closed-off socially.

Lucky for you, I have been researching this for years and I have cataloged the most common mistakes that men make.

Here are 4 of the most common body language mistakes most men make when picking up women:

Hands In Your Pockets - This shows that you are insecure and that you are closed off. Yeah the "Fonz" used to do it all the time, but you're not the Fonz so don't do it, ever.

Slouching - This shows that you are insecure and that you aren't confident socially. When you slouch, you are sending off the message that you don't want to be seen and this will make you look shy and probably boring.

Fidgeting - This shows that you are extremely nervous and anxious. A confident man is a man who is controlled in his movements. If you ever look at a rock star, a musician, a millionaire CEO, a celebrity, they are never fidgeting during interviews. They are confident in what they do.

Tonality - Although this is technically talking, how you talk is even more important. If you are talking too fast you show the woman that you are nervous and that you are not a very social person. Also, by talking too fast and by not controlling your tone and voice you open yourself up for stuttering and other mistakes. Slow down!

By removing these three damaging behaviors you will instantly see an improvement in the way women (and people in general) talk to you! You will also usually immediately begin to feel more confident in yourself, naturally. Also, by applying these ideas and getting rid of this bad behavior, your ability to seduce women will greatly increase.

Confidence is the 'magic-bullet' when it comes to women, and if you aren't sending off these signals all the time then you are wasting your time. Without great confident body language, you are swimming upstream with no life jacket
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