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Is it Possible to Get Your Ex Back? What Can You Do?

Post date: 2008-12-04

If you've broken up with someone it is likely that you have asked yourself the question "is it possible to get your ex back?" You have likely run every scenario in your mind about what you could have done differently or what you would have changed to avoid the break up in the first place. Some go so far as to make a list of things they think they should do to win their lover back. But wait!

This may be wasted emotional energy and stress. You may not really know what the truth is behind the break up in the first place. Until you are sure you know the real reason you won't be able to take the correct steps in winning your ex back. In an emotional breakup a man or woman may lose site of the real reasons they are breaking it off. Until everyone involved understands the real reasons behind the breakup you will drain your energy levels trying to figure it out.

There's a couple of things you need to do to determine if it is possible to get your ex back. Forget about your ex-relationship for a while. This is the first thing you should do. Use this time to get involved in something else. Focus your attention elsewhere. Hang with old friends, make new friends, date other people or don't date at all. Separate yourself from your ex.

Taking this type of action will allow you to make and accept slow changes to your life. You will be able to look at your former relationship more objectively if you take a few months to be by yourself, away from your ex. Let him or her to the same. By taking this time it will allow you to plan a better approach to winning your ex back.

After taking your time ask yourself "do I still want him or her back?" If the answer is yes then now is the time to sit down and figure out how your ex-partner feels about you. You can take a direct approach but you need a strategy. Don't beg. Keep your emotions in check. This is not a good time to get emotional. Stay in control. You will appear much stronger and appealing to your ex.

Playing it cool will get you much farther ahead than wearing your emotions on your sleeve. As long as you have both taken some time apart from each other then you are likely both missing one another. Let your ex see that you are doing OK without them without being a jerk about it. This will "encourage" them to reconsider the relationship they had with you.

As you begin this process of winning your ex back try not to over analyze the situation. This can hinder the answer to the question is it possible to get your ex back? Slow and easy is the way to go.
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