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Are Women Just Waiting for a Conversation

Post date: 2008-12-04

It should be so simple. You walk up and say a nice and welcoming greeting and she should smile and hang on your every word. But really, women arenít just hanging around waiting with particular impatience to hear what you have to say, so better make it good enough to distract her from whatever she is playing through her mind at the moment.

Women are often very busy and working on twelve to fourteen different thoughts within each second. Twelve to fourteen thoughts. No wonder they get so tired and headachy. With that many thoughts running through her head, you better have a little charm and a little pizzazz when you approach a women to strike up a conversation. Unless she is most obviously checking you out, she probably hasnít noticed you. Who has time to notice anyone with all those thoughts?

So when you want to know whether you are going to be well received, start with a brief smile and a little flirtatious grin as you start to speak. Your smile can let her know that you arenít going to be the fortieth person to chomp off her head and your flirtatious grin can give her just a brief second to enjoy the attention before you open your mouth.

When you speak, be confident and be endearing in order to keep her attention. Just deliver a nice simple one sentence opener and then move on from there. Check out her body language, her facial expression, and most of all, whether she flashed even a small smile that you could barely recognize. If she has given you any encouragement at all, then drop in with another sentence. If you ask her a question and she responds with curt and brief response and closes off to you, smile back and wish her a nice day.

Getting upset about something that probably has nothing to do with you isnít going to help your situation any. Donít be afraid to try again on another day. You have no idea what happens in a womanís daily life or why she might respond well one day and not so well the next. Women face a lot of demands and sometimes they can just simply be overstressed. Your continual smile might actually wear through that or your continued annoyance might wear her patience thin. Only you can be the judge of which direction to take it.

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