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Helpful Dating Tips for Shy Guys

Post date: 2008-12-04

Approaching a woman that you like can be quite difficult and you may find yourself blushing or stuttering in certain situation. You can learn how to strike a great conversation with a beautiful woman and ensure her that the focus should be on you tonight. I am sure you can pick up some helpful dating tips for shy guys.

One of the greatest dating tips for shy guys is to start building your confidence. You can start off with learning how to smile at any woman at a shopping mall. Initially, you may find doing this is making you awkward because some woman may even choose to ignore you. Do not be dejected, continue doing this for a few times and you will get a hang of it soon.

After practicing your smile skill, you can continue to progress with saying “Hi” to the ladies. Do not get nervous as sometimes a woman may just stop and strike a conversation with you. Just continue the conversation with her until you feel very comfortable with her or you may even approach her to have a coffee at a café.

It is a pure fact that most of the women love to meet with shy guys because they find them adorable. Your shyness could be a lady killer and in fact you do not even need to pretend to be someone that you are not. Just be yourself and be natural.

Another helpful dating tips for shy guys would be your listening skill. If you do not know what to chat with the woman, let them do the talking and you listen carefully. From there, you just ask her questions about she is talking about. Soon, your conversation with her will just go with the flow very naturally.

Most importantly, before you start approaching any woman, you need to be neatly dress. Make sure you are clean and you does not smell like you just come back from running 10 rounds at the field. Be neatly shaven as well.

Many shy guys have successfully picked up great dating skills to meet up with beautiful woman. Click Here to discover the best ways on How to Pick Up Hot Girls with amazing helpful tips for shy guys!
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