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3 Ways to Know You are Dating a Control Freak

Post date: 2008-12-04

You may be one of those people who have always had a hard time making even the smallest decisions. What are you going to eat for dinner turns into you standing in front of the refrigerator for a ridiculous amount of time. You have two parties to go to on the same night; which do you choose? Don't ask. Basic decisions are a real unpleasant chore.

So in a way it's kind of nice to be dating someone who has no problems making decisions whether trivial or difficult. That takes the pressure off you and in most cases you have found their choices in deciding what to do on a date have been on the money. You spend some good times together.

But there have been flashes that have caused you to think may be things are going a little too far. Not so much getting serious about each other; that is all well and good. It is more about the dynamics of the relationship. Namely your dating partner appears to be taking control of the relationship.

Control freaks do not necessarily jump into the relationship and try to run things from the beginning. If they did than the chances are you would see it coming and stop it accordingly.

In a lot of instances it's far more subtle. They can be very agreeable at the outset with no problems in going along with what you want to do. But understand once the relationship is established all of that is going to change. What are some of the signs to look out for?

1. Conversation Domination

It's one thing to talk about something that occurred to you in long colorful details. Hopefully the other person is willing to listen. It is quite another to ALWAYS talk about yourself in that manner. That's a big part of being a control freak: no one is as interesting as they are.

And what happens when you try to get a word in? Do they dismiss what you have to say, keep talking or get very upset because you interrupted them? None of these are good and if it happens on a regular basis then it is serious trouble.

2. The Green Eyed Monster

You meet a friend or co worker of the opposite sex. You chat for a moment and get back to your date except that their mood has changed dramatically. They may not say anything but you can sense the anger.

And no it does not have to be a co worker whom your dating partner thinks you have romantic inclinations for. It can extend to anyone who comes into your space. Family, friends of the same sex or total strangers stopping to ask you for directions. The control freak decides who can and cannot have access to you.

3. Your Best Interest

Sure you may have a tough time figuring out what to eat but hey you never starved. Yet your dating partner has got more insistent about the types of food you should eat. They "volunteer" to go to the grocery store with you. By the time you get to the checkout line you don't recognize most of things in your cart. The items that you do know you don't like. Naturally you try to express this to your date but they are in the midst of practicing their conversation domination.

With a control freak, the relationship is not perfect until they have taken charge over everything. From what you eat to the types of clothes you wear. From who can and cannot visit you to planning out your television viewing schedule. Nothing is off limits and as you can see it makes for a miserable relationship. If you think your date is moving in that direction then take control right now and kick them to the curb.
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