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Dating Dislikes

Post date: 2008-12-04

One personís dating dislike may be an attractive quality for someone else; therefore dating dislikes differ from person to person. Having said that there are several dating dislikes most people agree on. These include bad hygiene, lying, boasting about money, bragging, being late, becoming intoxicated, bad dress sense, smoking, mentioning ex-partners and using mobile phones. Although there are many other personal dating dislikes out there, these are the most common that both men and women agree on.

There is no excuse for someone having bad hygiene on a date. Not only is it a major turn-off, it is also a clear sign that they have not made an effort to look their best for the date. Dates are rarely spontaneous, so there is always time to prepare and get yourself looking your best. It takes more than just a comb of the hair and a spray of deodorant to have good hygiene. As long as you have a shower, wash your hair, shave, clean your teeth, wear deodorant, brush or comb your hair, wear perfume or aftershave and wear clean freshly ironed clothes, then you shouldnít have any hygiene problems. It is vital to remember to brush your teeth as no-one likes to kiss someone with fowl smelling breath. Unfortunately hygiene is an area often overlooked.

Being late for a date is not advisable and shows a lack of respect for the other person. If you know in advance there is a chance you will be late, then inform your date as soon as possible, otherwise they will be left waiting for you which can be embarrassing as well as daunting.

Dating conversation consists of many dating dislikes. Lying is a huge dislike and one little lie can escalate into a web of lies, all of which will be found out in the end. People usually lie on a date because they are trying to impress and make their lives appear more exciting than they actually are. In reality people appreciate honesty and by being truthful, you stand a greater chance of others being truthful back to you. Initial lying can lead to the destruction of a relationship further down the line and will lead to you losing the two key factors of a great relationship, honesty and trust.

Bragging, especially about money, is another conversation dating dislike. No one likes to listen to someone brag about themselves. There is no harm in being proud of your achievements in life and talking about it, but donít overdo it. If you have a substantial amount of money in your bank account, donít boast about it. The person you are with may not have as much money as you and may feel uncomfortable if you start to brag. You also put yourself at risk from gold diggers and people wanting to take advantage of you. Donít pretend to be something you arenít. If you donít have much money, then donít pretend you do. Keep dates affordable and remember you want people to like you for who you are, not for the possessions you own.

If possible, try not to drink while on a date. A small drink prior to a date for courage is acceptable, but becoming intoxicated on a date is not. No one likes to watch someone slurring their words, falling over and at worst being sick. Not only is it embarrassing to watch, you will make your date feel very uncomfortable and risk ruining what could have been a wonderful date. By being drunk on a date you risk becoming vulnerable, especially if you hardly know the person you are with, your judgement will be impaired and you will possibly not even remembering the date. If you both enjoy a drink, then leave that for a future date when you know each other a little better.

Dressing appropriately for a date is vital. Many people feel it is acceptable to wear any old item of clothing to a date, but this is not adequate dating behaviour. You want your date to remember you for being fun, happy and gorgeous, not for the dodgy shirt or baggy jumper you wore. While you donít need to wear expensive designer clothes, itís not recommended that you wear your faithful old jogging trousers and t-shirt. You need to appear to have made an effort with your clothing. Dressing inappropriately for a date is not recommended either. Dates are planned and you have time to decide what to wear, so turning up for a bowling or ice skating date wearing a suit or evening dress isnít appropriate. Also, avoid wearing clothes that are too revealing, too short or too tight, especially if you are a woman, otherwise you risk making yourself look cheap and possibly give out the wrong impression. With any date, it is better to turn up slightly overdressed than underdressed as that way you will always look like you have made an effort.

During a date two common mistakes are talking about your ex-partner and using your mobile phone. Everyone is uncomfortable hearing about someoneís ex-partner, so donít put your date in that position. You are on a date to get closer to someone new, not to talk about the past. Using your mobile phone on a date will also make the person you are with feel uncomfortable. Not only is it rude and irritating, it shows a lack of respect for your date. You are there to spend time with someone special, not to text or chat to your mates. Be considerate and leave your phone switched off or on silent in your bag or pocket.

Smoking is loved by some and loathed by others, so it is a debatable dating dislike. If both you and your date smoke, then it may not be an issue. However, if one of you is a smoker then it may cause a problem. Many people find smoking a filthy habit and hate the smell of cigarette smoke, so if you are a smoker and your date isnít, then try to be considerate towards your date and show some respect by keeping it to a minimum.

Many people carry out these dating dislikes unintentionally and often get away with it. However, the next time you plan a date, show some respect for both yourself and the special person you are meeting and avoid these much hated dating dislikes.
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