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Attract More Women by Acting Like a Busy Guy

Post date: 2008-12-04

Attract More Women By Acting Like a Busy Guy

Be more confident. Try the cocky-funny technique. I could go on and on. There are so many tips available to help you attract women. As much as these tips indeed can help you attract more women, you can attract more women with just one simple technique. Be busy. That’s it. You can get a woman’s attention and increase her desire by having a busy life, or at least appearing to have a busy life.

You’re more likely to receive more attention and desire from her by giving the impression that you’re busy.

Here’s why…

For many men, the challenge is not getting a woman’s phone number. Maybe they have fine-tuned their skills and have moved beyond that hurdle and can easily get the number. But, many guys still struggle with the “post-number” phase when they need to follow up and actually get a date. The problem is usually that the chemistry and intrigue created during the first conversation have diminished somewhat. As a woman turns her attention to other matters in her daily life, your call gradually becomes less of her focal point.

This is fairly natural occurrence. No, the solution is not to call her immediately after the first conversation. You simply need to rebuild her interest, desire and attraction. Stimulate her desire again, and you can do this best by remembering a common tip yet applying it with a twist. Women tend to be generally more attracted those with more active, exciting lives. Peak her curiosity by showing her that you are a “busy guy.”

A woman will be more intrigued if it appears that there is a lot going on and requiring your attention. Suddenly, your value increases as it is obvious you are not anxiously waiting to see her again or sitting by the telephone waiting for the call. Also, she may even think you are dating or at least talking to other women, which increases her desire for your attention. Again, a little competition, whether present or not in reality, increases the challenge on her end and your value in her eyes.

Wouldn’t it be better to have her waiting by the phone for you call? How can you keep that attraction there after you get her number? Here’s how.

During that first call, be sure to express that there are just quite a few things requiring your attention during the upcoming week and, as much as you wish you did, you presently have no free time. Emphasize that you would like to see her but that it has “been very busy lately.” You want to avoid giving the impression that you do not want to see her but do not apologize for your busy life. Just imply with subtlety that you wish you had the time to see her that week, but just do not.

Now, you can go ahead and plan for a date during that conversation for a time when things “slow down.” Once the date is set and the plans are made, end the call and get off the phone since you have “things to do” or “need to be somewhere.” Do not be too specific, though, but make it sound somewhat important or interesting to again, spike her curiosity.

Once you are on the date, talk a little about some of the activities that have been requiring your time lately. The point is to make it clear that you are a busy guy but that you do want to include her in your “schedule.”

This approach is effective. The last thing you want to do after getting her phone number is to give the impression that you have nothing else going on in your life!

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