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What Men Find Attractive in Women: 3 Traits Men Look for in a Woman

Post date: 2008-12-04

Itís always interesting to explore what men find attractive in women. Surely, guys could write a hundred books about it. Actually, they already have - not to mention having done hundreds of movies and television shows. However, there is no need to overwhelm the opposite sex.

What men find attractive in women is different for every individual. However, here are a few characteristics that are always on top of every manís list.

1) Just the right amount of confidence

Guys canít help but be drawn to women with confidence. Thereís some sort of sexual magnetic power in a confident woman that no man can ever hope (and wish) to resist!

Iím not talking about arrogance here. Iím talking about a woman who knows her worth and isnít insecure about herself. Confidence shows in the way a woman moves and speaks.

2) A winning smile

A winning smile is all it takes to blow a guyís mind away. Although a lot of people underestimate the power of a great smile, this is actually what men find attractive in women. A great smile conveys openness and warmth that guys are instantly attracted to.

3) Down-to-earth attitude

What men find attractive in women is a down-to-earth attitude. Girls who can deal with anything are like a breath of fresh air.

While guys understand that girls love to be pampered, they are more appreciative of someone who can hang with them without complaining too much. They donít want to spend all their time worrying about breaking a womanís nail or something as trivial as that. All they want is to enjoy the moment.

As Iíve mentioned before, what men find attractive in women vary depending on the type of person in question. However, these three above are the basic characteristics that any decent guy would go for.
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