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Use Her Friends to Get to Her

Post date: 2008-12-04

At some point in your endless search for love you may feel nervous about approaching a woman by yourself. Instead of giving up use her friends to get to her. Women take their friends everywhere. Using her friends would be much more comfortable for you with no worries of getting interrupted. Do not tell her friend everything about yourself!

The information should only entice the prospective lady to know more about you. Like the back cover of an interesting book that is only to tempt and not disclose. Do not get too friendly with her friend since it will most likely be a female. Don't make the mistake of flirting with her if she does with you. She may be doing it to check your integrity.

If you start flirting with her you wouldn't get her for sure and you would also lose the woman you were trying to reach. Be careful if her friend is male he could end up double-crossing you and make you look like an ass in front of her.

If you have trouble starting a relationship with any woman even if you use her friends there is something wrong with your approach. The most common mistake committed by men is that in all their approaches they play on the same field. Look at other places too.

That should happen as a way of life. I mean there is always a possibility of finding a hot babe at a gas station or a hospital. Once you do that you would realize how different women respond differently.

So if you have been unsuccessfully trying to woo your office beauties, dump them and hitch your wagon towards that bar. Get a little tipsy and start flirting with that barmaid as a starter! Practice makes perfect. Practice till you develop a system that can sweep women right off their feet. Don't give up in frustration try until you succeed.

This is one reason I would always suggest you log on to a popular dating site and post a decent profile of yours. Your woman should be in sync with you. If you are normally in agreement with each other there is no reason why you shouldn't be moving ahead with her.
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