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Get My Boyfriend Back - How Can I Get My Ex Boyfriend Back?

Post date: 2008-12-04

Get My Boyfriend Back - How Can I Get My Ex Boyfriend Back?

"I want to get my guy back. How can I get my boyfriend back? Is it still possible? Do I still have a chance?"

Well, if you are bothered by the above questions, then you will want to know this principle.

Personally, I believe that knowing and applying this principle is quite crucial to getting your boyfriend back.

The principle is this, "People want what they cannot have." This principle is very true is various areas of your life. It doesn't only apply to relationship. It also applies to areas like money, business etc.

Think about this. If someone lacks money, most probably, they will want money very badly. But once someone has an abundance of money, he/she will probably start to chase something that they do not currently have.

This is also the same in relationship. So, how can you apply this principles to get your ex back?

Well, here is a guideline:

You do not want to appear desperate!

Yes, you cannot show your boyfriend that you want him badly, even though you really feel this way. People are naturally turned off by needy behavior. So, avoid doing things like calling too often. Also, avoid saying things like, "I need you to come back", "I can't live without you" etc.....

You want to appear confident and happy instead.

This makes you more attractive. Instead of focusing on your ex boyfriend, focus on yourself instead. Improve your appearance. Improve your health. Improve your social skill. Improve other areas of your life. By improving yourself, you will have a higher chance to attract him back.
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