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Getting Back Together - Getting Your Ex Back by Using This Principle

Post date: 2008-12-04

Getting Back Together - Getting Your Ex Back by Using This Principle

Breaking up can be a very devastating event for anyone. If you have broken up with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, you are probably wondering if it is possible to get back together with your ex and how to go about doing it.

Well, getting back together with your ex may not be easy but it is certainly not impossible either. Perhaps, the first step you should now take is to have hope and believe that it is indeed possible to get your ex back.

If you do not have this believe, you probably won't even attempt to get your ex back. Now, in order to get your ex back, it will be extremely helpful if you understand the following principle and know how it works.

Knowing and understanding this principle will allow to avoid certain common mistakes. So, what is this principle?

Well, it is, "People want what they do not or cannot easily have." Perhaps, you might have heard of this principle before.

This principle does not only apply to your relationship with your ex, but it is also very applicable to many other areas of your life. The fact is, if you do not have something or cannot have something easily, you will usually want it more.

And the opposite is also true. If you have something or can have something easily, you may eventually start to take it for granted.

It is very normal for people to make a lot of common mistakes when they are trying to get their ex back. In fact, making those mistakes usually mean they have violated this principle.

Let's look at an example. Say Peter keeps on calling Jenny again and again. Calling your ex too often is considered a mistake. Why is that so?

Because, if you call your ex too many times, you are indirectly telling your ex, "Hey, I am desperate now. I am desperate to get you back." So, what does this mean to your ex? It means your ex can get you back easily as and when he/she wants. The power is in his/her hand, not yours.

According to the principle, this means your ex can get you back easily. Since he/she can get you back easily, it means he/she is very likely to take you for granted. This is certainly what you do not want.

So, once you understand this principle, you will be able to avoid these mistakes. Perhaps, before taking certain actions, you might want to ask yourself this question, "Am I acting out of desperation?"

Well, sometimes the answer may not be that obvious, but most of the time, it is. If you are tempted to call your ex over and over again, it is definitely a sign of desperation. Desperation is not going to help you in anyway and will only tend to drive your ex further away. Be very careful about it.
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