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Role of a Girls Club

Post date: 2008-12-04

A girls club is an association mainly run or set up for girls. The girls come together for a particular cause or reason and form a group. Girls clubs are very popular and all girls everywhere can join such clubs and even create their very own clubs. There are all kinds of clubs for girls and, you can join one that you are interested in most. There are two main categories when it comes to a girls club. The first one is a club that has been formed for the purpose of entertainment. The other kind of club is formed for an educational purpose. In many schools, you will find clubs for girls which are mainly meant to empower the girls’ knowledge wise. In all clubs however, there is an aspect of entertainment and girls want to come together and do things in a way that is more fun. In churches you will find particular clubs. For example, you will find the girls brigade and, it can also be a spiritual club. Girls who are artistic will also form their own clubs and they can be informal while other recognized or more formal.

The ultimate goal of all clubs is to bring girls together to share ideas as well as fulfill specific requirements that may be set for them. There are other clubs which do a lot of work for society and in particular, they cater for the needs of girls and their families. Such clubs are non profit making and good example is the Girls Club of Los Angeles. Their work is to cater for the needs of children who are under privileged in south Los Angeles. They have a very strong mission and it states like this. 'To enrich the lives of children, youth and families, through early education, youth development and community outreach, which contribute to self sufficient, stable and productive individuals. The club has managed to serve over 75,000 children and youth through the following early care and education, youth development, community development, resources and referrals. For more information about the club and how you can make a difference with them, visit their website.

You will find it very comprehensive ready to give you more information about how they operate. Away from clubs that perform serious tasks, you will find many girls clubs which are for fun and meeting people. They provide a forum in which girls from all over can share their culture with other girls. Such clubs are very helpful because they ensure that they learn about the different cultures of the world. They also get to exchange ideas as well as seek to understand how other people live. If you are a young or older girl, joining any club of interest will only make your life better. If you find that you can do better in creating a better forum for girls, you can go ahead and form your very own club for girls. Take initiative in what you like and believe in and in the long term, you will be glad you did it. The bottom line is to have fun.
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