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The Right Attitude for Big Girls

Post date: 2008-12-04

The world of big girls is pretty interesting. It is filled with many challenges and it is often very frustrating. Big girls are sometimes referred to as plus size girls and this simply means that they have extra weight than what is usually observed in others. Being big can be genetic or it can be your own creation. People who have a history with obesity rarely escape it and they end up being big girls. In often times, big girls have been characterized as girls who are not attractive. Those girls who are more slender are considered to be both sexy and beautiful. This is however not always true. There are people who appreciate bigger girls for who they are and consider them very attractive. However, it really does not matter what the opinions of people are. Girls who have some extra weight need to put on a mindset that will only spell victory for them. What I mean is that they need to stand firm and make it clear that they like who they are.

First though, it is vital to consider whether you have a problem. There are certain medical problems that will make a person very big and this problem might require medical intervention. There is also a mental condition that can cause a person to hide in food for comfort. This is a problem that also needs help so that you can recover from the obsession with food. There are very many other things that might be causing you to retain the weight and you should have this understanding. The next thing is to devise the solution. If you want to loose the weight, you must be clear why you want to do it. There are people who loose weight because they hate themselves fat. Sometimes, loosing weight does not solve the problem of a low self esteem. Therefore, you need to deal with root causes of your problem. Another thing that will make you loose weight is to have better health. There are so ailments that are facilitated by excessive weight. First, let us begin with heart problems.

The heart muscle will be compromised due to strain and also possibilities of fat build up around the heart. Heavier people are more prone to diabetes, high blood pressure and the list goes on. Leading a healthier life is a good motivation to help you loose weight. There are ladies who loose weight to fit into their favorite cloths, no matter why you want to loose it, there are many advantages. There is something usually very tricky about weight. Most girls wait until they have lost weight to be happy. Time is precious and nobody is promised tomorrow. You must draw your joy from within and realize that you are lucky to be alive. There are people who have more problems than you and you should be very thankful. Once you enter into a positive mode of thinking, the problem of loosing weigh is not as great; your state of mind is more crucial.
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