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Online Dating- a Truth or Myth?

Post date: 2008-12-04

Dating means rendezvous. But mostly today’s youth consider dating as a means of romance. It has become the craze of today’s adolescence. But rendezvous can be between any two people actually. Today’s techno savvy youngsters want everything in style. When talking of love, they are more interested for the fable to be in techno style via phone and internet. Online dating is a fast booming industry, thanks to our extra fast and modern adolescence. But then online dating has both its pros and cons. Online dating is a funny exercise when you are sending gifts, flowers, greeting cards and funny digital vedios to your friends. It can be done through internet by sending funny vedio clips.

Talking of pros the best thing about online dating is that even if you are shy yet romantic online dating can come to your rescue. Nobody knows your true identity here. They can see you only the way you portrait yourself via words. So even if you are a fragile timid boy of neighbourhood or the ugly duckling, you can always portrait yourself a superman or miss universe. In online dating, you can share only what you want and how much you want. At any moment if you wish to back out you can, without anyone following you. Or if somebody is harassing you simply block the user or make it a spam. Not everybody looks for romance. The more mature age group can seek it out for friendship only. With your daily life and respective problems it’s always a good idea to keep “that” special friend of yours near you with whom you can share your darkest secrets and look for solutions without ever worrying of leak out of precious information or jealously factor arising.

Yet there are many cons. In this virtual world there are many phony people running around to capture you to exploit you. If you pour out more information than you actually need to then it can be very dangerous. These phony people can get you involved into criminal cases without you even knowing about it. So whatever be your wish try and use it safely. There are always two sides of a coin. And it’s up to you to choose which one is better for you. Search for online dating sites over the net and check in the details of their services and security measures before jumping into any conclusion.
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