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One of the Most Popular Weather Girls

Post date: 2008-12-04

The word weather girls remind us of so much. We mainly have the singing sensation in mind. They were the all American girl group which was formed in 1982. The original members of the weather girls were Martha Wash and Izora Armstead. They are known for many hits but one record that was a hit wonder was called 'It is raining men'. They have produced many albums since that time and, they have made a mark in the world of music. But let us think of the other kinds of weather girls. Weather girls are girls who are responsible for presenting the weather forecast for media. There are so many personalities known for presenting the weather and, it is vital to explore what the girls are really like. First, the girls are usually very attractive. They also have excellent skills of communication which ensure that professionalism is up held. I'm sure you have a favorite weather girl from your local area.

Today, weather presenters are called weather anchors. They play a major role in ensuring that the information on weather gets to the people. Let us explore some of the leading weather anchors who are female and known all over the world. The name Jenny Harrison comes to mind and, she is the outstanding weather anchor of the Cable News Network. You will find her on a three hour rolling news program where she gives an update of the weather. The morning show is pretty fast moving and, she includes some additional items that touch on the weather. She is based in Atlanta at the CNN world weather headquarters. You will also find the weather girl in the monthly show that brings in-depth information about the various patterns of the weather and the different phenomena. Before Harrison joined CNN in 1999, she worked in her home country in Britain where she anchored the weather for various television stations. It is pretty exciting to know more about these girls. There are many other girls who host weather shows all around the world and, for more information, you can go online and make sure that you get all the details. We are living in a world where global warming threatens our very existence.

For this reason it is good to count on the girls to keep us updated on the happening and the future even that might occur in regard to weather. Tsunamis and elnino are just of some of the evidence that trends and global patterns are changing and, knowing this is the first step to ensure that you play your part when it comes to issues environment. Some of the little things you can do to conserve the environment in which you live in include using the right energy that will not pollute; you can also use biodegradable items to wrap your items. For more tips, listen to weather anchors and read on their reports. After all, their role is to ensure that you are living in a conducive environment that is suitable for human and animal habitation.
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