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Every Woman is Nosey

Post date: 2008-12-04

Women will risk going to PRISON to get some good ole’ Insider-Information.
Very powerfully, you can tear down an irrational belief/perception that she has about men in general (or you specifically) in seconds by the words that follow your mystical and magical Set Up Phrase.
You can also send the message (indirectly) of guy’s secret thoughts about certain type of women – that kind of stuff. Think about what your outcome/objective and then decide what overall message will allow you to achieve that and then set it up and send the message. You want her to feel as if she is going behind close doors.

1. Set it up (your set up phrase)
2. Send the message (the secret that you and the guys were talking about)

Essentially it makes free adult personals it much easier to convince her of something or to tear down an irrational belief. She could have the popular irrational belief that many women have about all men being “dogs” (meaning all men cheat). And the words that follow your Set Up Phrase can tear that down that irrational belief in seconds.


Because women over the years have been brainwashed to except the garbage that is in those magazines. And you are simply going to approach her the same exact way those magazines approach her. Fortunately for you, you are going to benefit from the fact that most women regard the garbage in those magazines as Truth.

And if you combine that with the fact that many women have this thing adult entertainment about them where they enjoy doing the opposite of what you want, you are going to quickly see the difference.
If out of nowhere you say (outside the presence of sexual activity): Honey could you please lick my balls? If she has never done this, then she may look at you like you are crazy.
But for some weird cosmic reason, if you say: “All of the guys were secretly talking about a certain type of woman…blah blah blah…”

And then you create and describe a certain type of women that guys secretly go crazy over AND THEN you describe a characteristic of this woman (i.e licking balls) to her…
In no time, she is going to have so much hair on her chin that you are going to think she is the Great Goat-Girl (a circus favorite).

Getting back on track…

The second part is simply what you want to her to now believe (or the message that you want to send). If she already agrees with your message (that is contained in the second part), then it will magnify her belief at some intensity.

Have you ever explained to a young child something they knew nothing about and they give you that innocent "Wow I never knew that. That's amazing!" look ... that is the same exact look you are going to be looking for when you tell her your second part which we will call the The Secret Enlightenment. In the example I used:

[second part] "that the women that are the greatest seducers are the ones that will walk up to a guy and grab his crotch and say let's fuck!!!" ..."
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