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Single Ladies Who Wear Red Set to Meet More Generous Men

Post date: 2008-12-04

The University of Rochester recently carried out a study to explore the connections between perception and the colours we wear and see.

For singles trying to succeed in the dating game, the study came upwith some interesting results. The participants of the study wereasked to comment on their feelings towards photographs of different singles.

Each participant was given an amount of approximately $225 to spend. Shown different pictures of potential dates, Men were found to bewilling to spend more on a woman dressed in red as opposed to the same woman dressed in blue. When pictures were shown to other women there were no colour-dependent differences in attractiveness ratings.

Red, the colour traditionally used to depict love, romance and sex,was conclusively linked to perceived attractiveness, researchers said. They state that their study is evidence that the colour red makes men feel more sexually aroused and attracted.

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology quoted Professor Andrew Elliot, leading the research as saying "Its fascinating to find that something as ubiquitous as colour can be having an effect on our behaviour without our awareness".

Dr Jo Setchell, an anthropologist from Durham university, said that as the colour of blood, red was the easiest signal for an animal to produce externally and that it had become a handy method for advertising fertility. "For example, a lot of monkey varietys have bright red genitals around the time of ovulation. There has been controversy over whether humans display ovulation although there is a lot of evidence to point to increased activity and socialisation at around that time"

Wearing red could give you a distinct advantage in the dating game. For online daters this could mean wearing red in your online dating profile picture and in any photographs that you exchange.
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