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Love or Money?

Post date: 2008-12-04

Recently a friend a friend broached the question: "Would you marry for money?" Well heck ya I would! Could I be so lucky? Mama always said 'love doesn't pay the bills.' 2 husbands and 2 kids later, she was right! I always said "But mom, love will make you try harder to pay the bills." Now that I am all grown up, I think I was wrong.

Maybe its just me, but I think I could handle to marry for money, nothing replaces love, but look around you, how many people do you know cheat on their spouses? How many people don't actually enjoy being home with their "loved ones'? How many people flirt, act seductively around others of the opposite sex? Why would they do they if they were so in love? Well I think its because, love is fleeting.

We all go thru that honeymoon stage where the other person can do no wrong, well add in some kids, inlaws, money troublebills, a few extra pounds, and what do you have...nothing? Love? Well if I had some money to pay the bills, go to a gym and lose the weight, buy my kids what they needed and wanted, and traveled away from my inlaws I think I can safely say I would be dam near happy with just anybody.

Loves makes the world go round? Well as people get killed trying to christmas shop at Walmart, I think its money thats makes the world go round, where was the love then?

I think if I was sitting on the pyramids in Egypt, or tanning in St. Barts,or able to send my kids to Yale, I would be pretty darn happy with any clod sitting next to me.

I have been in love, I never knew what love was until I had my children, but nothing can compare to that love, anything else is just passing the time. In my experiance most men change drasticly after a few years,not saying that I have not, but over all I am still kind and caring, the men in my life have turned lazy and unappreciative. Can me sour or cynical, but if I had some extra money to take the 'pain' away, maybe life wouldn't seem so...boring. A few extra pairs of Jimmy Choos would be nice, hell, the most expensive pair of shoes I own, is a pair of brand name boots I got at a garage sale for 2 bucks.

Money? what money? Those who have not, want not? What the heck does that mean?THose who have not got the crappy end of the stick! So to answer the age old question, would you marry for money-Hell yeah!
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