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Fireworks With Females: How to Have Success With High Quality Women

Post date: 2008-12-04

A friend of mine recently came to me, asking if he was ever going to change his success with women.

Chances are you or a friend of yours are in the same situation. You are mildly good-looking, have a few good friends, are doing okay in your career, but just can't seem to make it come together when it comes to relationships with women. Especially HIGH QUALITY women men dream about.

A lot of guys have the same issue. No problems getting a one-night stand, or a woman that would hang around for about a week, but beyond that point, most women you meet would have stopped returning your calls or text messages.

And you're back at Square One.

Fortunately for guys like you who "want more" out of life, and out of women, I can recommend an absolutely fantastic course for men seeking women, called "Fireworks With Females," by Slade Shaw and Mirabelle Summers.

Authors Slade and Mirabelle give gritty answers to dating and relationships issues, avoiding the game-playing, manipulative, and often robotic techniques that other courses in the market seem to regurgitate over and over again.

Fireworks With Females promises something very different. Instead of the back-slapping ego-massaging advice you might expect from a guide for men looking for women, you see a direct challenge to the mindsets that have been preventing YOU from achieving the results you deserve.

This 215+ page ebook is like having your own personal success coach right there with you, willing you to rethink the strategies and techniques that have given you mediocre results up until now.

If you:

- are looking for someone to share your life with, not just one night
- are looking for ways to keep your relationship strong
- want to get laid more regularly and guarantee your success
- want quality women, not just any women
- want to regain your confidence around females
- want to create a dynamic attraction around women
- need to take your existing attraction skills to the next level

...then "Fireworks With Females" is your first step to success. (And if you apply the techniques and take them to heart, your LAST step to success, as well!).

This course is a real step up from the usual courses that get you only so far and leave you hanging. Slade and Mirabelle arm you with all the necessary skills and mindsets, right from developing your beliefs to the knowledge you need to escalate to the next level, key tips on how to communicate with women, understanding female psychology, right through to making a relationship last.

I have seldom seen such a complete course, which is why I recommend you get it now. You can't afford to waste a moment!
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