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How to Make Your Pick Up Techniques Automatic

Post date: 2008-12-04

Picking up a woman isn't difficult at all if you'll do one thing...train yourself to use your pick up techniques automatically. It's not hard. You just have to be consistent at it. Every time. Everywhere.

Every time you see an attractive woman, approach her. Make her smile and giggle. Maybe even blush. Stroke her ego and make her feel the admiration your have for her beauty. Later on, she may do some stroking of her own.

Everywhere you find girls that are interesting make sure you have a conversation with them. Find out what they think. Find out what they like. Find out what turns them on. Information is power, man. You've just found out what key will turn their engines on. Gentlemen, start those engines.

Every time you talk with a woman, flirt with her. Flirting automatically should be a part of your dating arsenal. If you see a hot woman you want to meet, set your sites by looking her in the eye from a distance. Take aim when you walk up and introduce yourself and start talking. Gently start squeezing the trigger when you get her to laughing and playing little sexual jokes with you. Firing that weapon is the easy part. She'll surrender unconditionally.

Automatically ask for her phone number, email, or get a date. When talk is flowing, you get going. She is receptive to talking with you, so get her to give you some of her info. Set a time for giving her a call so you can talk some more. This should be as natural as breathing. Heavy breathing.

Automatically, every time, and everywhere when a woman shows signs of attraction to you, kiss her. Attraction is the spark that lights the fire of intimacy. It doesn't need to be a searing kiss to turn her on. That gentle whisper of a kiss on her lips will make her so hot she won't be able to concentrate on anything else.

Use these techniques. Every time. Everywhere. Automatically.

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