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I'm Still Scared of Approaching Women During the Daytime

Post date: 2008-12-04

Does this sound like you?

Youíre not alone here as daytime approaching can be the hardest yet most rewarding skill you can master with a bit persistence and practice.

And thatís the beauty of it! Iím not pulling your chain here you can master this and once you do imagine the freedom of choice you have to approach women anytime whether night or day, anywhere and have the courage to take it somewhere further like on a instant date, or maybe just get a phone number itís entirely up to you.

So the first step is to head to a busy shopping mall or daytime tourist spot to practice. This is key as thereís no point heading out to an abandoned or half empty public place if thereís no one to practice on is there?

If you do this then you could be unconsciously making excuses not to approach and thereby making it harder for yourself. Thereís no advantage here I can tell you now as I used to do the same. This makes approaching women during the daytime so much harder and it puts the undue pressure on you to approach people but there are none! So you end up beating yourself up.

So make sure youíre in a busy public area with plenty of attractive women around. Now youíre ready to make some history letís work on your conversation starter. I like to use an opinion opener during the daytime to stop women but not any ordinary opinion opener as sometimes it can be un-calibrated to ask a random opinion in a public place, so it helps if the opinion opener is situational i.e. something to do with shopping or something sheís wearing. Make sure your opinion opener is tested and works.

Lastly donít have an objective when youíre practicing this and just starting to learn day game and approaching women during the daytime. Because if you were to have an agenda she will realize it and you may discover her asking you questions like ďWhy are you asking me this?Ē etc or even worse she may think youíre trying to sell her something. Focus on chatting and having a genuine conversation as opposed to the former.

So In summary for approaching women during the daytime and overcoming your fear you need to follow these three simple steps:

Find a public place where there are plenty of attractive women around to practice on (this is the most important step!)

Have a solid conversation starter ready to say. Always have this ready and prepared (this is the second most important step to day game!)

Focus on having a normal conversation and NOT having an agenda.

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