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What is Sugar Daddy – Know Before Bait Your Hook!

Post date: 2008-12-04

If you will move for the dictionary definitions of sugar daddy then it says “a well-to-do usually older man that supports or spend generously on a mistress or girlfriend”. In slightly modern terms this may includes a boyfriend in the list. But, in terms of real world what exactly is the sugar daddy?

A sugar daddy is an average middle-aged man, not necessarily old. Many times he may be married, or rarely a bachelor. On the other hand sugar daddies are usually looking for some sort of entertainment or adventure. There might be several reasons behind their motto. He might be frustrated with his married life or his wife is not that much playful on the ride? He might be going through some life crisis or trying to avoid one. He may be bored or lonely. Sometimes sugar daddy doesn’t want traditional relationships because of long and hard works. This doesn’t matter for you! If someone likes to have a sugar daddy relationship with you then you are at the right step for your purpose.

Opposite to popular belief, a man does not have to be well to do in order to be a sugar daddy. Anyone can become sugar daddy. Despite of social status like rich or middle-class, young or old, single or married, chiseled physique or hot guy, anyone can be a sugar daddy. He’s the man you may get in contact in the departmental store or at the beer bars. You may find him at golf course or at social events. More then anything, he is the man who knows that he is entering a relationship in which he is expected to give financial support. And he better knows that this is essential on his behalf to maintain the relationship.

A sugar daddy is not expected to be your best friend, an accomplished lover or your husband. More likely, he may be a workaholic, slightly dysfunctional, a white-collar professional. When you do find a sugar daddy, you can expect him to be your financial advisor or a special friend. He will be someone who pays for your car, tuition or rent. More of all he is a regular guy for you!

The life span of a relationship like sugar daddy may varies from a couple of moth to many years. On average it has been watched that a sugar daddy relationship last for about a year. Being honest on the talk, such relationship dose not last very long or you can call it secure. Unfortunately, there is no crystal ball that can predict how the sugar daddy relationship will last for you. But don’t bother, there are plenty fish in the sugar daddy sea. You just have to have to bait your hook with the right lures.
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