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Five Sure-fire Ways to Date Multiple Women

Post date: 2008-12-04

Dating multiple women can seem like a fantasy come true for most men. Someone different for every night of the week. Or maybe it's blondes on Friday night, brunettes on Saturdays, and a redhead to cap off the weekend. Whatever your situation is, if you date multiple women it's a lot of fun. And a lot of work.

Here are five simple rules for keeping track so you don't find yourself in hot water.

1. Be honest about your dating habits. True, some girls won't like that. But a lot of girls respect that type of honesty. Besides, you may not be the only one in her life, either.

2. Have control of your schedule. Keeping an eye on the calendar is essential if you want to date several women at one time. After all, you like all of these women. You wouldn't want to hurt them or make them angry by standing them up on a date night.

3. Have specific rules for the type of women you date. I don't mean just how they look, but how they act. If you have a woman that becomes possessive, or controlling of your time, it's time to cut the relationship off.

4. Give them the respect they deserve. Because you've been honest up front about your dating habits, make sure that you give them the best time they can have while your with them. Make your time with her something that she will look forward to.

5. Keep finding new girls. When you're dating multiple women, you're in the most casual of relationships. There will be girls that no longer want this type of relationship and will leave your life. And that's OK. You don't want them to be unhappy and begin to make demands on you that you don't want to fulfill. So, keep your eyes open when you go places to look for other women that interest you.

Let's face it. Women are everywhere; there's no shortage. Just do what you know how to do so well.

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