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5 Quick Ways to Pickup Younger Women

Post date: 2008-12-04

5 Answers For How to Pick Up Younger Women

Well, here you are, after all these years of being with one woman, starting to date again. Or perhaps you've been so intent on your career that you haven't had the time to date much. Whatever the reason is, the desire is the same. To begin to date again.

But you've been looking around and find that you want to date a younger woman. Hey, go for it! Just understand that there's a difference on how to approach and date a younger woman. Take the time to create a plan for the woman who is 18 to 24 years of age.

1. The best place, hands down, to meet a younger woman is at her job. She is the most at ease with others here. If she works in a retail business, she'll be talking with a lot of people that she doesn't know, so approaching her will be as easy as making a purchase.

Other places to meet younger women are where most younger adults congregate. There are numerous coffee shops, bookstores, bars and nightclubs that appeal to younger people and usually have younger women working in their employ.

2. Younger women are looking for someone to treat them with the respect of a mature adult. Not a boy. Most of the guys she knows that are her age are still catching up to her on a mental and emotional level. Definitely not her father. But someone who can validate that she is an adult and, as such, is a person worth knowing for who she is. This is very attractive to a woman of this age group.

3. Women this age find a person who acts with confidence, good self-esteem, and a mature, positive attitude, very attractive. They simply wanted to be with someone who acts the way they want to be treated. Build on this aspect of who you are instead of trying to impress her with things.

4. Take the time to build a rapport with her in conversation. Don't ask her out the first time around. A couple of weeks to build some relationship areas in conversation will be much more beneficial in the long run. This particular time is for building a friendship first. Make sure that you are enjoyable to be around. Be funny, but not silly.

Then, ask her out for a cup of coffee, a bite of lunch; something light and casual. Light and casual are the keys at this time.

5. Once you have gotten a date with her, continue to be lighthearted and relaxed. Keep the atmosphere relaxed. However, you can start to be a little more personal. Look her in the eyes deeply. Check out her smile. Touch her hand while sitting across from her. She'll be the message very quickly. And will likely return the favor.
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