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How to Dress to Impress Single Millionaires – Tips for Both Gals and Boyz

Post date: 2008-12-04

Want to learn on How to Dress to Impress Single Millionaires? It’s not all about wearing hottest fashions, the most expensive suits or out fits. It is all about the outfit you choose that can certainly make you look and feel good. When you are out there in the town and hunting for a single millionaire you need to make sure you look your best. That means find out the out fit for you that fits your body and your personality. Follow those few tips for men and women to drag most attention to your account in the city!

For Girls

So listen up ladies; if you really want to learn the trick then the first and foremost thing you need to know that it is not a competition to see who can wear the smallest dress, or who can pull their shirt down the lowest to expose the most possible cleavage ever. It also is not about spending your entire month’s salary for the Friday night outfit. When you are looking for the perfect outfit to drag the men, you should go for that outfit that can accentuate your positives by hiding your negative aspects. Modesty has its positives too! So, follow these basic tips to drag a millionaire for you:
· If you go skimpy on top, cover up on bottom and vice versa. For example a long sleeved mini dress or slacks with a sexy halter-top.
· Dress your age, do not wear clothes making you look too old, or like you are trying to look too young.
· Choose comfort over fashion; it will not matter how great your outfit is if you look tortured all night. This also includes shoes. Sure those 5-inch heels might make your legs look sexy, but if you cannot even walk in them, ditch them!
· Keep your make up light and simple, you are out on the town, not the red carpet. If you are wearing very neutral colors or black, you might dress up by using a pretty red lipstick. But if you are wearing colors its best to stay neutral on the lips.

For Guys

For guys creating impression is rather easy. Hang on to a guy thing that girls love! Guys out fit usually consists of a sexy jeans and nice button up shirt. If your style fall sort of the traditional button up shirt, you need to become slightly creative. Follow those few and simple tip that will teach you how to dress to impress.
· Do not dress too trendy; stay away from shirts with flames, skulls, or Hawaiian shirts
· Do not ever wear tennis shoes or gym shoes; you want to look like you actually want to impress the ladies. Try a nice brown or black leather type of shoe or if it is a really warm night a classic leather sandal will work.
· Lightly spray on good cologne; a man who smells good is irresistible. Do not just pick out any old cologne either. Go to the mall and ask the women that are around what smells nice, who knows you, might even get a date of it!
· If you wear jeans, make sure they are free of holes and stains.
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