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How to Avoid Picking the Wrong Man

Post date: 2008-12-04

First if you want a serious relationship Do Not pick a man you meet in a bar, They are just some other women's headaches.

Make sure he is working, not just jumping from job to job.

Never ever pick a Mommaís boy. If he still living at home when he is in his late 20s early thirties he is not ready for responsibility. Forget him, He will always be a Mommaís boy.

If he is a good man and he wants more than just an over night fling

He will respect you enough not to try and have sex on the first date. Donít get me wrong, If you donít want a serious man and just a fling, Fine pick him up in a bar for a one night fling. Great.

Take the time to get to know about him. Does he do drugs ? Has he ever used drugs?

What kind of work does he do? How long has he been there?

I know this sounds like you are drilling him, but be smart, Slowly work these questions into conversation. Stretch it out to a few dates donít rush it. Take your time to get to know him. Of course you will never know if he is lying. But at least take your time to get to know some of his personality.

The problem today everyone wants to rush love . Take your time there is no hurry after all this might be the man you are going to spend the rest of your life with or at least a few years.

You do not want to be trapped in a relationship with a drunk that beats you.

Or sit on his butt and let you work and support him

It make since to take time to try to avoid getting hurt.

All of us have our faults no man is perfect.

And all men are little boys at heart, No matter how old they are.

Now you just have to try and find a man with the small faults that you can live with.

Each women is different. If my husband chewed with his mouth open that would drive me crazy. Maybe that does not bother you. Each women needs to look for a man that fits her own personal habits.

Because those day after day habits will make or break a relationship.

Make sure your goals for the future are clear. He might want a stay at home mom.

You want to work and not have children or want to wait to have them later.

Do not start out waiting on him hand and foot.

That is sweet at first. But if you have kids later you will be to busy waiting on them. You do not need to have another kid to wait on.

Break him in right from the start to help with the chores, cooking, dishes, laundry, trash, etc. Itís a lot easier if you teach him right from the start. Like they say you cant teach an old dogs new tricks.

Believe me that was one of the lessons I learned the hard way. Hopefully you can avoid some of those hard knocks.

This is written by a women that has been married for 42 years and I have learned the hard way.

Spare your heart, Play it Smart, Time is on your side.

Good luck.
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