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Making Up - Preparing for the First Date

Post date: 2008-12-04

I have set up the first date with my ex. I really planned it all so carefully and the link below told me exactly what to do and some pitfalls to avoid. Now that it has been set up, I have to plan it fairly carefully. But at least I am moving in the right direction in getting my ex back

There are a lot of things I need to do to get ready for this date. That is why I have given my ex a whole week's notice. Maybe s/he is ding the same but I bet they haven't had a chance to see what I have seen in the link below which is full of secret tactics which are really going to help me now.

Here is the first one. I am not going to get stressed - period. That could mean I might start getting desperate again and so any pressure is a no-no. I am concentrating now on moving ahead and not going back. All that is behind me. So, I have to relax and the focus is on ENJOYING MYSELF. I hope my ex does too !

This is the second tactic. It must be a no-pressure meeting and stress free. So, that means no going over the same old problems we had. We are moving on !

Third tactic is that I am going to look great and that will radiate self confidence and I am going to show my happy side . I am well, happy and confident and I look it ! All the efforts in taking care of myself are working and I look really good.

Fourth tactic. I have to keep things positive - it is all going to be upbeat on this date. So, I am going to talk about some good things that have happened to me recently and how much I am enjoying old friends, the new gym, new colleagues etc. I might even drop in a really nice shared memory as well!

Fifth tactic. Now there are some things I have to be careful to avoid. If I don't do that I might just drive my ex further away from me instead of getting closer. One thing I must not do is let the meeting go on too long. The pre-arranged time limit was an hour so it is not going to drag on longer than that. I am not going to even mention how hurt and miserable I have been. There is one other tactic I must avoid which is in the link below.

It is going to be great fun and we are going to enjoy ourselves and that is going to rekindle exactly the same atmosphere when we first met. If it goes really well, I am not going to extend the meeting - it is important to leave sooner rather than later so there is a real desire to see each other again.

Finally I learnt a great tactic from the site below which if I do it right will make my ex think we are back together again ! It is quite a powerful technique and very simple to carry out.
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