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Join the Free Online Chat Bandwagon

Post date: 2008-12-04

Before I knew about the free online chat thing, life was like hell for me. You wonít believe I was so beleaguered with my so called friendsí comments that at one point I was even contemplating the idea of suicide! My problem, well I have stammering problem. Its been there since childhood, initially my parents assumed it to be just simple childhood problem which will go away with growing up years, but guess that wasnít meant to be. As a result I was the subject of jokes and humiliation in my school, in my neighborhood. Wherever I go, my deficiency will go with me. So itís natural I didnít have a normal childhood unlike my other friends.

As my friend circle was minimal, I was into myself most often. I donít know whom I should give credit to, the constant jabbering of my so called friends or I had this special inclination towards art, but gradually I was involved into painting as well as writing. During my University days, my writings would regularly get published in the college journal. But I would send all my writings in a pseudo name. Guess by that time my mindset was convinced that I have got a chronic problem of stammering and if others know I am the one who is writing all these, they might even reject my writing. Sounds stupid; but thatís what I was then! Even today after so many years whenever any of my article is published, itís on my false name. I am working as a free lance technical content writer today. Life is smooth as far as my work is concerned. I regularly interacted with my clients through online and participate in lots of forum discussions. But there was some deep unknown void inside me which was troubling me from a long time.

One weekend, while browsing net for some content which I had to write for a clientís website, I came across an advertisement where free online chat was promoted for a prominent website. I was about to close the advt, when an idea came to my mind. Why not try for this free online chat? As they are free, its not gonna cost me a single thing. And who knows I might impress someone with my words as I am at my best while playing with words.

So I logged onto a dating site and created my profile there and joined the free online chat bandwagon. Must say from the first day itself I felt as if I have reached a different place, where it doesnít matter what deficiency I have. With so many guys chatting on free online chat, I was convinced of its success rate. Soon free online chat becomes a ritual for me; my days wouldnít be completed without chatting on this free online site. Now some good news, few days back I met a nice guy who was like me regular to this free online chat. He liked me for my expressiveness and I liked him for his cheerfulness. We are good friends now but you never know there might be something more in store! As of now I have found a new meaning to live life just like any other girl of my age and its all because of free online chat. So thanks a million!
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