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Post date: 2008-12-04

Itís been more than a decade since I finished my Junior high school but the memory of my high school prom night is still vivid in me. That night was special for me for I got a chance to dance with a boy whom I had a secrete crush throughout my junior school days. His name was Jack. Even though Jack was not the ideal HOT boy in our school, I mean he didnít have a macho body n all, but due to his helping nature he was a favorite among all. Jack and I were good friends. Donít know why but I could never muster up the courage to tell him about my feelings except only the prom night when while dancing I whispered ďI love youĒ in his ears. Though he couldnít know what I said, he was surprised and asked me if I said something and I lied pointblank.

We lost touch after school coz Jackís family moved to London. It might sound a bit weird but I couldnít forget him even after all these years. I had been on a string of relationships in my university years. But it was for short term or rather I wanted it to be of short term. May be I wasnít ready for a long term commitment then. These days Iím active in free dating site. Free dating site seems to be the latest ďinĒ thing and many of my friends vouch for it. So I also thought of trying my luck in free dating site. I have met some of the most interesting dates through this free dating site.

Few days back while chatting on the free dating site, I came across a profile whose name was Jack. May be the name has something to do with my first crush, I initiated chatting with him. He seemed a nice and gentle guy. We talked about our jobs and career mainly on the first time we chatted. Jack worked as a doctor and was passionate about doing research on genetics. Even though he went on and on about his proposed plan of opening an hospital for patients suffering form rare disease from the very first day we chatted on free dating site, I enjoyed chatting with him.

We didnít even purposefully plan to meet on chatting next time, but whenever I would be logged on, Jack would be there on free dating site. One day I even joked him that how come he is always available on chatting to which he replied he is always online to catch me. You might say chivalry but I was impressed! It might be more than a month of meeting on free dating site, when one day Jack told me about his school days. When he said he couldnít forget a girl who was his friend back then but he had a secret crush on her, there was a buzz inside me. Is it a coincidence or there is something more to it? He was equally surprised when I told him that I had a similar experience. You are not wrong if you guess just like in movies Jack turned out to be the same guy with whom I had a secrete crush. Canít tell you how I was feeling; finally I found my first love after so many years on free dating site. I couldnít have been happier for this weekend Jack is flying here to meet me. Both of us are grateful to this free dating site for it made us together.
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