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Four First Date Questions That Build Instant Attraction

Post date: 2008-12-04

Great! You’ve gotten a first date with that girl you’ve been wanting to get to know. Now, you’ve already been able to build attraction. You wouldn’t have been able to get a date if you hadn’t, right? So, where do you want the relationship to go from here?

Building a greater degree of physical attraction needs to be a natural course of events, not a contrived situation. Women liked to be wooed. I know, that’s a totally archaic word, but it’s still true.

Start with asking questions that are focused on her. Ask her what things she’s interested in; what are some of her hobbies; what’s her favorite singer or band? Then find areas of commonality that you can both enjoy talking about.

Find out her dreams, goals, and plans. Questions about these areas will give you some insight into the kind of person she is. This can be really important before going to a more intimate level. You can find out whether she likes control, how driven she is,if she’s clingy or a whiner. Use these to find out if you want to continue being with her.

If she’s someone you want to proceed with in the relationship, ask some questions that will draw out her sexuality. Questions like, “who, in your opinion, is one of the sexiest actors on screen?” Watch her responses, as well as listen. You can learn a lot about what she likes sexually with these kinds of playful, sexy questions. If she’s a smart girl, she’ll ask you about who you think is sexy.

Finally, bring a few questions about sex into the conversation. Be fun with these questions, making sure to bring them up when the time is most appropriate. For instance, ask her what’s her favorite part of the kiss; the moment just before the kiss, the feel of the kiss itself, or the taste on her lips afterward.

These questions will be useful to sort out the type of woman she is and if she’s someone you want to pursue. Building attraction to a fever pitch is the last area you want to hit. But watch out when you do – she’ll be primed and ready, simply from asking the right questions at the right time.
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