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2008-06-07 crazysexx  Early in the morning
okay so the other morning ago i actually woke up pretty early,
well it was about 8 in the morning and i got up with a huge headache.
well all my windows were opened i guess for some reason my roommate opened them all, well i sleep naked every night unless for some akward reason i dont. so i'm walking into my kitchen when i see someone pass by the back window. well guess who it was.... a couple of 17 or 18 year olds that live by. i stood there acting like i hadn't seen them. well i leave the windows open just to mess around with the boys because when they looked at me it seems like they've never seen a pussy before hahaha :) well i get out the shower and i lay in bed while they're staring at me... it kinda turned me on so i started masturbating and then these co workers that work in electrity were fixing something in the trees, to my surprise they also sat there in the tree starring.
i thought it was so funny. and my roommate just told me a couple of hours ago when i got home from work that one of the boys took a picture of me and is telling his friends that i'm his girlfriend

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