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2012-04-17 sparrow118  My First
I'm From the south so all party's are out in the woods. I was senior in high school and dating a girl who- not going to lie- has been around the block a lot. She was having sex at 13 yeas old. a little young if you ask me but that's not the story. Any way it was a cold November night so we were cuttling with each other. I had a big bulky jacket and she slipped her arms in the sleves with mine. every thing was innocent for a wile til she started to moan a little and began to grind her butt into my crotch. She got me worked up and started to play with her boobs. We are still sharing the jaket so my hands went were hers went. After a little of this i couldn't take it any more and so we hopped in my truck and took off to a more "intimate" setting.

We get in the back and start taking things off. Being a gentleman that I am I take the time to put some protection on. So she asked if I was ready and before she could finish the sentence I took her in my harms and started taking control of things. Im sitting in the bench seat in back she straddled over my cock and I begin to go in. Could not penetrate. Kudos to me my tree trunk is a bit thinker than most. then we try again and with resistance I sink home. I was doing all right thinking," Hmm, this feels ok, not as good as my friends said it was but awesome none the less." she paused for a second and pulled the condom off. and guided my in. WOW! Bareback is soooooo much more sensitive. I wiegh 200 lbs pure muscle and i can bench 285 if the planets are alined perfectly. She was 105 soaking wet. I pick her up and start doing all the work wile she plays with her clit.

then she wraps her arms around my neck and starts to squeeze, hard, down there and panting heavily. she's about to orgasm and I'm about to get chocked to death and my dick broken off! when i just about to black out i see red and blue flashing light. Great its the cops! we start putting on clothes. she goes for my pants and shirt so I'm stuck sitting there with her bra on my dick to cover up. the cop taps on the window and shines his light into the car. i role the window down and say,"evening officer." and my girl recognizes the cop and the cop notices her. "Hi Daddy," I hear from the passenger seat. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! I yell out thinking I'm going to catch some lead in between my eyes and the officer just shakes his head and tells me to step out of the car....

nothing else happened but a stern talking to and a few death threats if I do it again. That is my first time. never finished, but got some choke marks around my neck and the bluest balls i ever had.

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