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2013-04-08 buutnup2u  Showdown part 1 of "All the thin
I'm biting my bottom lip, thinking about you laying on your back, naked. I'm naked laying down between your legs, holding your cock in my hands, looking into your eyes. I take my wet tongue and trace a circle over the very tip of the head. moving my tongue down and around the lip, kissing it now along the shaft, sucking the sides of your cock in my mouth. I can't keep my eyes off of you. I bring the opening of my mouth over the top of your cock. You can feel my hot breath. I draw your dick inside, lowering my face into your lap, swallowing every inch of your sweet meat. Up and down slow, than a little faster. I'll never take it out. Not even to breath. I'm going to suck harder and faster. Up and down. Your cock is rock hard now. Almost to big for my little to handle. The head beating the back of my throat over and over, I could gag. My eyes water a little but you don't mind. You take my head in your hands and you push me harder and faster. Just when you think I can't take anymore, somehow I do. Your hips start to rock in and out towards my face. Your fucking it now. Blood starting to swell up near the head of your prick, Your eyes rolling back, body shaking. I'm making that wet, sloppy sound as spit runs down my chin and neck,........

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