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2013-08-22 Hotpoker  A fantasy encounter
I imagine that we are together for a night of sexual satisfaction at my house. Your panties are on the floor, between the bathroom and the kitchen. I had tossed your bra on a table lamp in the hallway. You are lying on the sofa, your pussy spread wide. Your nipples are erect and your slit is glistening. I ram my stiff cock into your mouth, and you stroke my shaft with your slender fingers, using your tongue on the head. Meanwhile I am fingering your pussy and licking your ass.
I tell you to put your own nipple into your mouth,to bend over and touch your toes and to lie on the bed face down. I pull you toward me and slide two fingers into your slit and one in your ass.
Then we slide over to the arm chair and you put your legs on each side, your pussy wide open.
You pull my cock a bit to build up to the moment.
Your hot snatch in is full view with a sensual shadow behind it that is your sweet anal hole.
It's too much.....
My cock is at your face level when I stand and blow a load over your mouth, eyes and tits.
It slowly dribbles down and drips from your pussy. We fuck two times during the night before falling asleep. The last time was most memorable. I'm on my back, my cock erect and pulsating for you. You have a smile on your face as you straddle me and slowly lower yourself on me. My cock penetrates your love canal and slowly disappears as your wet pussy swallows it, an inch at a time.

You're teasing me as your bend over, dangling your luscious breasts in my face, grazing your nipples over my nose and lips. I playfully try to bite them, but you giggle and pull away. Slowly, we begin moving in unison, my hands on your ass cheeks as I pull myself deeper and deeper inside you. Unable to contain it any longer, I unleash a load of sticky cum, spraying your vaginal walls with my love juices. At the same time your dam breaks and cum begins flowing from you. The sheets are soaked as we fall asleep clinging to one another.

At 5.30 we wake after a night of solid cumming.
It's time to get up. You are wearing nothing and I am admiring your finely tuned body. The sheets musty with the smell of our juices and sweat, it's time to take a shower. Dazed and light headed, you get out of bed, your legs weak from multiple orgasms and you can barely stand. I am stroking my cock as I watch you stumble your way to the shower. Getting harder I need some more of you. I must have some more.
The water is flowing by the time I reach you.
You are washing yourself, thinking how dirty you are from a night of inhibited sex. You like it and how it makes you feel.
I slide into the shower with you and press my chest against your back, parting your legs which are already apart a little more than shoulder width. Your head leans back so that I can see your face.
You've got that look again in your eyes.
"I don't think that I can take anymore," you said.
I replied, ,"Yes you can. You know you want to!"
I reach around and part your pussy lips as the water massages your erect clit. Your breathing becomes heavier. My rock hard cock slides between your ass cheeks and brushes past your asshole, stopping short of your honey pot. You push down on me and gasp as my cock penetrates your cunt. I put my hand around your neck to give me some power to thrust.
You like it and you begin to get into a rythm,
first slow and soft, gradually gaining speed until we find a pace that will take your over the edge.
Our skin slaps together as the water splashes into our faces. I am close to cumming and when your start to tremble and whimper with another orgasm your legs give way and you slide to a sitting position on the shower floor.
It's all a bit much for you as a little bit of piss flows from your cunt. It's too much for me and I allow a little of my piss to go on your breasts.
You like it so much that you starts to rub your pussy again, taking my cock out of my hand and slipping it into your mouth, squeezing my balls with your hand. I pull it out as your hand rubs the skin under my cock head, rubbing it like you rub your clit, your tongue licking my nu

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