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2018-12-16 redpussy  Very pleasant mistake.
That one morning my husband left for work and I jumped quickly in the shower. Of course, it didn't drain again so I took a plunger and gave it few quick pushes and it started to drain the water again.
As soon as I finished, the door bell rang.
" Damn, he forgot his keys again, locked himself out and came back for the keys!", I was little upset and stepped out of the shower and ran quickly naked to the door, turned the handle, opened the door and walked back in the bathroom: "Get your keys and locked the door behind you again!"
I screamed and turned the hot water on.
I heard the door closing and soaped my face and my body. The hot water felt great and after I washed off the soap, I spread my legs and started to wash my pussy.
The stream of the water hit my clitoris and I held the shower aimed at my pussy a little longer.
" Maybe I should finish myself to orgasm, it would be nice to start my day like that."
I turned around with my back to the wall and opened my legs more, left hand on my breast and right hand moved the shower closer to my clitoris. I rubbed my breast and then my hand slid to my pussy and I pushed my finger between my labia.
I opened my eyes for a second and in a shock I screamed. In front of the shower stood a stranger and kept looking at me.
"What are you doing here? How did you get in? Please leave!!" I was really scared.
" Well, you let me in, I rang your doorbell. Last night your husband called and asked me to come and repair your shower drain, it suppose to be plugged. He told me you'll be home and I should take care of the shower."
I was still standing naked in front of him and strangely, I was relieved.
The shock wore off and I didn't attempt to cover myself. As the mater of fact, I was getting upset
that my husband didn't tell me about the plumber.
" Well, it was plugged, but I cleaned it few minutes ago.".
" Well, maybe I should check it again, so it will not happen again." his eyes were looking at my pussy and I realized, that I didn't shave it for a week and my red pubic hair were very visible.
Also little strip of them I usually leave in the middle was longer then usual.
I was standing straight, aware that he is looking at my pussy and I took a side step to have my legs more apart. I didn't cross my hands over my breast, just stood there and let him see me all.
After few seconds he looked in my face:
" Did you masturbate with the shower?"
It was unexpected and I didn't know what to say:
" You were watching me? How long you were here before I saw you?"
" Well, I walked behind you when you opened the door for me."
" I didn't know it was you, I thought it was my husband."
The whole situation was getting quite bizarre. I was still standing naked in front of him and still didn't try to cover myself and I realized that I am excited when he look at me.
" Do you shave your pussy often? Does it excite you when your pussy is shaved?"
The question surprised me and it was exciting to me, when he talked about my pussy.
I hesitated for a moment and I started to talk with out thinking:
" Well, I had my pussy shaved first time when I had my labia tattooed and it was very exciting."
" You are joking, you have a tattoo on your labia? was it your husband's idea? What do you have there? Your husband's name or initials?".
" No, I have a small heart there, and my husband doesn't know about it, he never saw it."
This time he didn't try to hide his excitement: " How come he doesn't know? Doesn't he look at your pussy?".
" No, he is often gone , traveling for his company and doesn't have much interest in sex."
" You are k**ding me, your pussy looks great to me! I don't want to be to impolite but may I see your tattoo?".
This time he was really excited, I saw his crotch and it was obvious that he has a big erection.
By then I was excited maybe more than him:
" Well, it is here!" my fingers were shaking when I grabbed my labia and pulled them apart.
He bent over and looked: " I don't see it well, it is s bit dark here."
I stepped out of the shower and walked in the bedroom. I sat on

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